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Urive MD-8000P Shotgun Dash Cam Box

The Urive MD-8000P Shotgun is a twin channel dash cam that statistics 1080p for the front and 720p within the rear . Video best is right for the front digicam and common for the rear digicam during the day. At night time the video exceptional for the the front is average and the rear is poor.

The Urive MD-8000P is small, discreet, and springs with G-sensor and parking mode. In parking mode, it facts at 20 fps. also, an external GPS module may be bought one at a time.
acknowledged troubles

now not many troubles have been diagnosed because this digital camera has been recently launched.

Mounting the camera must I buy?

this is one of the first twin cameras with 1080p front and 720p rear. most owners are happy with this camera however there’s restricted English guide. If a dual digital camera device is a must, evaluate this with the BlackVue DR550GW-2CH. at the same time as neither system is perfect, the BlackVue has extra capabilities but sells for a far better rate. sadly there are only a few exact multi-channel cameras to be had in the mean time.
wherein to purchase for lowest charge

This camera is to be had on eBay and Amazon.

The contemporary English firmware and player can be downloaded from the Urive site.


The Urive Albatross II MD-7500P is a dual channel dashboard digital camera which turned into released in might also 2013. The front digital camera information at 1080p, 19fps with a chunk rate of 8 Mbps. The rear digital camera data at 720p, 19fps at a low bit rate of four Mbps (note the specifications kingdom 20fps). We would love to thank our member niko who furnished the review for this digital camera on our discussion board.

Video quality during the day is superb and night is good for the the front digicam in most conditions. Rear camera is right at some stage in the day and common at night. even as the 8Mbps bitrate is higher than many different twin cameras currently available, video overall performance can go through in a few situations with lots of transferring items.

The Urive Albatross II MD-7500P is larger (the front digital camera is a hundred and one.nine x 63.3 x 35.nine mm) than its sibling the Urive MD-8000P because of the 3.five″ touchscreen. here’s a picture of the Albatross II compared to the BlackVue DR500GW-HD.Urive Albatross II MD-7500P length 1

note that the digital camera can be hidden at the back of a rear view replicate like this.SANYO digital camera

The Albatross II comes with non-obligatory GPS, G-sensor and parking mode making it a complete featured dashboard digicam. It also has battery discharge safety constructed in with the subsequent cut-off voltages: 11.5V, 11.7V, 11.9V, 12.1V. be aware that 12.1V is a chunk at the low aspect.
regarded problems
Macroblocking / Pixelation

A not unusual hassle with twin cameras is macroblocking or pixelation because of the low bit charges used. The Albatross II is the usage of a chunk fee of 8Mbps front and 4Mbps rear. the following video illustrates the pixelation problem. be aware the video changed into recorded in “1 channel” mode with a bitrate of 12Mbps and body price of 29fps. In “2 channel” mode, the first-class would be worse given the decrease 8Mbps bit fee and 19fps recording. Check more about car dash cams.

Blinking LEDs

The camera has blue blinking “security” LEDs at the the front and rear cameras and there may be no choice to show them off. you may use black electrical tape to cover both LEDs.


As referred to formerly, the framerate within the specification is 30fps for 1 channel recording and 20fps for dual channel. The camera clearly records at 29Fps for 1 channel recording and 19fps for two channel recording.
Switching off the Rear digital camera

currently there is no manner to switch off the rear digicam via the settings. to switch off the rear digital camera you want to tug out rear camera video / energy cable.
Mounting the CameraUrive Albatross II MD-7500P installed 1 Urive Albatross II MD-7500P hooked up 2 Urive Albatross II MD-7500P installed three

Our member niko has come up with a sliding bracket solution for this digital camera as illustrated inside the following video. complete commands can be determined right here.

sample videos

Day Video – front

night time Video – the front

have to I purchase?

at the same time as this model is one of the higher twin channel cameras, the excessive cost, distinctly low bitrate / framerate and medium length make it a tough sell. If a twin digicam device is a ought to, examine this with the BlackVue DR550GW-2CH (has WiFi however decrease bit price) or the Urive MD-8000P Shotgun (is smaller and less expensive). All 3 systems have their drawbacks. unluckily there are very few precise multi-channel cameras to be had in the intervening time.
where to purchase for lowest price

This digicam is often to be had on eBay.

The modern English firmware and participant can be downloaded from the Urive web site.
consumer guide

you may download the guide right here. The menu interface can be seen in this video by means of niko.

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